MeshTV is built and developed in-housed based on the advance IPTV technologies. It has a web-based middleware and the most cost effective headend for streaming and transcoding as well as its very own Video-on-Demand server and real-time web-based dashboard/monitoring system. MeshTV is robust, flexible, and ready to cater for any specific solution requirements at a very competitive price.

Lowest Bitrate Consumption

Based in the most advance streaming and compression technologies MeshTV is able to deliver live cable TV, satellite or free-to-air channels at the lowest bit-rate in the market. MeshTV streams live content at bit-rates of 3.5 Mbps for High Definition and 1 Mbps for Standard Definition that is 3 to 5 times lower than any other systems in the market. Even with very low bit-rate the quality of the live video streams are kept at their original state.

Future Proof

MeshTV is able to cater for next generation video technologies even 4K videos. Using our next generation streaming technologies based on H.265 which is 3 to 4 times more advance and powerful than H.264, MeshTV can deliver the same content quality at half bit-rate of H.264. MeshTV shall be able to cater for all the current and future live and offline video content.

System Overview

All DVB sources, be it Satellite, Cable or Terrestrial, can be turned around into the MeshTV system. This allows very high quality delivery of live TV channel service at a very reasonable cost. MeshTV systems turns all the channels into an IP stream using either H.264 or H.265 across the Hotel Network. The Set-top Box connected via the Hotel Local Area Network (LAN) to all the services to various display sources. All devices whether iOS, Android or Windows devices can also receive IPTV services through the Internal Wireless Network.

Flexible System

MeshTV is highly customizable and able to do the following:

  • Customizable GUIs for guest-facing interface applications

  • Multiple encoding compression (MPEG-2, H.264 or H.265)

  • Modularized modules allows the client to add based on needs

  • Able to cater to small, large or multiple site properties

  • Fully integrate with most third-party applications

  • Digital Signage feature enhances and expands display options


(Mobility Solution: App for iOS, Android & Windows)
Enables guest to stream music, videos and pictures from guest own mobile or tablet via wirelessly to the in-room TV.

Next Generation H.265 Encoding

Utilizing H.265 which is the most advance codec in the market, we are able to stream live TV or Video-on-Demand content either at Full HD or 4K less than half the bit-rate of anything else in the market without sacrificing any quality of the image.


Second screen feature that allows guest to access all features of the IPTV on their own mobile device using only a browser via WiFi.


Allow users to view different status in relation to orders, sales, revenue or system performance. Provide real-time alerts and option for critical alerts via email or SMS.

Room Service

Guest can request for room amenities and concierge services through an intuitive and easy to use TV interface. Able to interface to job dispatch system for automated assignment and tracking.


Both HD and SD video-on-demand can be streamed and be made available to the guest either through a package or pay per view. The system is able interfaced with most billing systems for billing purposes.

Live TV Integration

Interface live TV channels from any source and customize the layout depending on the the hotel’s requirements either via Language, Genre, or others. All the TV channels can be located in one page that guest can search and understand.

Interactive Concierge

Fully customizable map with full search features contains information regarding places of interest near the hotel or city. Guest can easily locate their place of interest and can transfer the directions to their mobile via the QR code.

Bill View and Express Checkout

Guest can check out from their room via the IPTV system eliminating the need to go the front desk. The system is interfaced with most billing systems in the market.

Dynamic Flight Schedule

Guest can actively scroll through schedule for the flight and update automatically. Possibility to show more than one airport at a time.

Parental Controls

Guest able to set parental controls such as passwords and prevent children access to features and content that are not appropriate. Lock outs can be customized based on ratings of content.

Internet Radio

With thousands of high quality internet radio in available that is license free Hotel can eliminate the need to pay for paid music and just stream live Internet radio and the guest can select from a variety of choices.

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