38 Series
Innovative Features and Functions available only from Bittel:

Privacy Guard

The last dialed number disappeared after 5 minutes, it’s a good way to protect the privacy for guests.


“MWL with message retrieval function”: Traditional voice mail service is very troublesome. Guest doesn’t know how to use when MWL flashes. While our new MWL adopts patented technology of “light and key in one”, guest touches and retrieves message when the red MWL flashes, very convenient, simple and quick.

Express Programmer

The traditional programming way by hand is boring and costly, by Bittel patent One Touch Call Clone device, all the room telephones can be programmed by Clone. With 100% accuracy and saving much work, the One Touch Call Clone increases efficiency greatly.

EZ Message Light

The Easy Message Retrieval function of Bittel’s hospitality phones allows guests to quickly and easily access their voice messages. The Message Waiting Light (MWL) is also the message retrieval button, which is both an intuitive, quick, and easy process for accesing voice messages for a guest regardless of their degree of familiarity with the phone.

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